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GymIt Temporary Closure- March 25, 2020 Update

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See below in RED for an update regarding freeze requests made on 3/27/20

Please below for a message sent to all GymIt members at 8 PM on March 25, 2020. All information regarding your membership are contained here. Please do not call or email for further details, all requests can be made with the forms included in the below message.

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Thank you so much for your support and understanding!

**Due to the anticipated high volume of requests please refrain from replying to this email. Please look for your answers in this email and use the linked forms (at the end) for requests. Thank you for understanding. We want to help and fulfill your requests, and the forms are the best way for us to help you.**

Agreement Number: (This number begins with 4845 or 4846 and was included in the email, or in your original membership agreement)

Hi there,

We want to start off by saying thank you for the outpouring of messages and support that we’ve received in these last few days and weeks. It weighs on me heavily to inform you that we will not re-open our doors on April 1 as originally anticipated. Our first priority is the safety of our members, staff and the larger community. While we continue to monitor the situation closely, it is unclear to anyone when normal life will resume. We are hopeful that as a community we can all work together and get through this as quickly and safely as possible. We will be monitoring state and federal guidelines as to when it will be socially responsible and safe to resume normal business operations.

Now more than ever, we are calling on the support of our incredible members to stick with us and help us weather the storm so we can continue to operate and re-open as soon as possible. While we have received an overwhelming number of cancellations and billing freezes as a result of our closure, there are many who are looking to help us out.  Here are all the ways you can help:

Option 1: Stay active with us: continue to pay your regular membership dues. April will be a critical month for us and the more help we receive the better chance we have at a re-opening in a timely manner with the services that you expect.

For all our members that continue their active membership during this challenging time, we are offering you:

  • Custom At-Home Workout plans to keep you fit through the closure. If you are staying an active member and would like a custom workout plan please fill out this form.
  • GymIt Trainer designed Work Out of the Week programs
  • Access to hundreds of classes on Les Mills On Demand; their robust class offerings, including BodyPump, HIIT, Mindfulness, Training, BODYCOMBAT. As well as many programs for kids. Use workout request link above for access.
  • Receive A free GymIt Kick-Off Session (or a traditional training session if you have already been through the kick-off program)
  • Receive 15% off Personal Training package, after we reopen
  • Unlock additional member-only perks that our team is working to develop for you.

**If you have not elected a billing freeze, you are automatically enrolled in our Active Member option. If you wish to select a different option, please see below. If you have already emailed us to let us know you are keeping your membership active, thank you!  You do not need to take further action.

Option 2: Reduced Dues Freeze

We would like to remind you that we are a Boston-based, family business, and this crisis is hitting us just as hard as many other small businesses. We know that many of you may be struggling so we are happy to pause your billing if needed. Please consider sticking with us at the reduced fee Membership level.

Reduce your membership dues payment to $5 per billing cycle and maintain access to Les Mills On Demand and Workout of the week. (see below for instructions).

Option 3: Temporarily freeze your membership for no fee

We understand if you do not wish to pay while we are closed, but we appreciate you sticking with us! See below for instructions.

Here is your Agreement number, please copy and paste this into the below form to ensure accuracy (required!): (This number begins with 4845 or 4846 and was included in the email, or in your original membership agreement)

If you would like to choose either freeze option, please fill out this form.

** If you choose to freeze, please understand that we cannot offer refunds at this time, but can credit future dues upon request when we reopen. 

***IMPORTANT INFO REGARDING FREEZES: Due to an extremely high volume of requests, if you are trying to freeze your billing on or before April 1, we must have your form request by 3 PM Thursday 3/26/2020 to guarantee success. As mentioned refunds cannot be provided at this time, and we want to make sure that we can accommodate your request.

***Update 3/27/20- Please submit your request even if it is past the 3/26 3PM deadline. We are still working through the requests and are doing our best to keep up. Thank you to everyone who met the deadline, it was a huge help in allowing us to get this undertaking complete.

FOR ALL OTHER COMMUNICATION or If you have any other questions/comments/feedback/requests or just want to “say hey” please fill out this form.

***If you have previously sent us an email ONLY and did not complete an online form; unless you have already received an email response, please assume that you will NOT get a response and that your request has NOT been processed.   Please fill out the form above as this is the best way to ensure your requests are handled ASAP.  

Lastly, in an effort to support other local businesses in need, we have secured a few special offers at neighborhood restaurants for you to use:

  • Branch Line/Shy Bird: Receive 15% off when you use code ‘ALLCOOPEDUP2020’ when you order touchless delivery @ Please call 617-714-4200 for more info.
  • Love Art Poke/Sushi/Udon: Mention GymIt with any order to receive a free drink!

Thank you so much for your support. We hope to see you back at the Gym Soon!


Stay Healthy and Safe,

Matt Harrington

President, GymIt