If you’re a huge fan of peanut butter, then you’ll love the post-workout recipes we’re sharing here today!

Peanut butter is full of healthy fat and protein—about 16 grams and 8 grams per serving, respectively. Plus, a little bit goes a long way: one serving is only two tablespoons, the flavor is super rich and rewarding, and it’s fairly calorically dense, making it great and affordable option for a refuel food.

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So, if consuming legumes doesn’t give you any problems (some people get gastrointestinal upset, for instance), then go nuts with this product and add one of these post-workout recipes to your after workout routine. Whether powdered, smooth, or chunky, peanut butter can be a great and tasty addition to any fitness program. This key ingredient will help you get all the macronutrients you need to replenish your body following a tough gym session.


5 Yummy Peanut Butter Post-Workout Recipes to Help You Recover From a Workout

post-workout recipes

1. Peanut Butter Smoothie

This recipe from The Balanced Berry combines healthy protein, fats, and carbs for a unique and delicious smoothie. Yes, there are some veggies hidden in here!

2. Peanut Butter Powder in Coffee

For a simple little jolt following a workout (especially an a.m. workout where you want to extend the invigorating benefits), try mixing one or two tablespoons of PB2 Powdered Peanut Butter into a delicious cup of joe. If you’re counting your macros and watching your fat content, powdered peanut butter may be your jam (no pun intended), since it has way less fat than regular peanut butter.

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3. Ants on a Log

Yes, we are obsessed with this healthy treat. This nostalgic snack gives you the fat and protein from the peanut butter, the carbohydrates from the raisins, and the micronutrients and antioxidants from the celery.

4. Peanut Butter on a Protein Bar

Want to take your favorite protein bar to the next level? Try covering it with a shmear of peanut butter for an added flavor and protein boost!

5. Peanut Butter Burger

If your post-recovery window is timed with a proper meal, try this interesting and decadent twist on an old classic. Just choose your burger meat (turkey, beef, and lamb are some faves), switch out the buns for gluten-free or low-carb options if desired (e.g., mushroom caps, lettuce wraps, or just naked), drizzle with peanut butter, and enjoy!

One important thing to keep in mind: the most popular brands of peanut butter are loaded with sugar, unhealthy oils, and other questionable additives. For the optimal PB experience, look for a high-quality brand (most major grocery stores carry them) that contains only peanuts and salt.

Pack your PB and add some to your next post-workout recovery meal, and be sure to contact us with more questions about your nutrition!