3 Dynamic Exercises For An Adventurous Duo

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Having a pal to keep you accountable can help you reach your goals is awesome. You just need a few pieces of equipment and about 20-30 minutes. Grab a couple of BOSU Balance Trainers and a medicine ball that challenges both of you and have some fun with these 3 dynamic exercises you can do together.

After you and your partner do a warm-up, whip out the exercise series presented below. Once you’ve mastered the form, do the circuit two more times while saying encouraging things to your buddy. The circuit focuses on both balance and dynamic strength moves that will work your muscles, get your heart pumping and make you feel warm and fuzzy toward your faithful friend. Finish with stretching and lots of high fives!

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3 Dynamic Exercises To Do With A Friend

1) Partner Ball Toss

3 dynamic exercisesStand about five feet away from your partner- feet shoulder width apart, knees soft. Bring the ball to chest level. Brace your core and use your triceps, shoulders, and pecs to toss the ball to your partner. When you catch the ball, brace your core and keep your knees soft. 

  • Take two huge steps back, away from your partner. Toss the ball.
  • If you’re feeling strong, stand on your left foot and toss the ball
  • Stand on your right foot and play catch

Repeat each step 15 times. If you want to step it up a notch, try the whole series while standing on the domed side of the BOSU Trainer. If you want to step it up even further, perform the exercise with a weighted ball.

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2) BOSU Ball Partner Taps

Place the BOSUs side by side. Face your partner. Put your right foot on the “bulls-eye” of your BOSU; left foot is on the ground behind your BOSU. Bend both knees, so you are in a “split-squat.”

  • Take turns tapping your partner’s BOSU with your left foot, balancing on your right leg as you move quickly to make your touch.
  • Make sure you tap to the outside of their right foot.
  • Return to the split squat position after each touch. Focus on quads, hamstrings, glutes and abdominals throughout the movement.
  • Start slow and then accelerate. See how fast you and your partner can execute the touches. Switch feet.

Perform each step for 2 minutes on each side.

3) Buddy Russian Twists With a Medicine Ball

You can do this oblique twist standing side-by-side if you want. But, for more of a challenge, keep your BOSU’s next to each other and sit down on the domes facing the same direction. Grab your medicine ball:

  • Start with feet shoulder width apart, soles on the ground, knees bent. Lean back to a 45-degree angle, keeping your back straight. Using your obliques, tap the ball on the side of the dome, then twist and pass the ball to your partner.
  • Staying steady, graciously accept the ball from them after they twist and tap. If you master the move with your feet down, try engaging your hip flexors by lifting your feet off the ground
  • Turn around, face the other direction, and repeat.

Complete a total of 20 reps.

As mentioned, there are things you can do to increase the intensity of these 3 dynamic exercises. Just be sure your partner is ready to up the ante along with you. Enjoy!

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