Have you ever wished you had x-ray vision? Well, guess what? At GymIt, we do! Now, before you go and get jealous of our newly acquired superpower, rest assured we are ready and waiting to share it with you. That’s right. You now have access to 3D body scanning technology at your gym!


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We Now Have a 3D Scanning Superpower!

Valuable information about your health.

A short visit to the 3D scanner can give you a lifetime’s worth of valuable information that can help you keep your cardiovascular system, brain and entire body healthy. One thing to understand is that fitness is more than skin deep and isn’t always reflected by the numbers on a scale. Your weight means little if your cardiovascular system, organs, and muscles are being taxed by a fat: lean tissue ratio that’s out of whack. The truth of the matter is, skinny does not necessarily mean healthy and being heavier doesn’t necessarily doom you to a lifetime of diabetes, heart disease and problems. What matters is that your fat: lean tissue ratio meshes with your energy and health needs.

A quick and easy (all you have to do is be still) 3D Body Scan can tell you where you are on the spectrum of ideal internal health. Scans are an accurate way to track the progress you’re making on your fitness journey. A scale gives you a flat number and doesn’t indicate if you’re losing fat or gaining muscle. Skin calipers and other fat measuring techniques have a wide margin of error. A 3D Scan can provide accurate physical measurements and body mass readings you can track over time.

All consultations and results are private. Come pay the 3D Scanner and our fitness pros a visit and see what you can see. Tap into this super resource and feel empowered to don your cape and confidently go out to tackle your goals!

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