5 Benefits of Tequila–Do Yourself a Favor… Drink This Liquid Gold

With Cinco De Mayo fast approaching, it’s probably time to start perfecting your homemade margarita recipe. Aside from the triple sec and lime juice, you’ve got to make sure you’re selecting the right star of the show: tequila, that is. From blanco (silver), joven (gold), reposado (aged), añejo (extra aged), and extra añejo (ultra-aged), there are plenty of tequila options to choose from with plenty of reasons why it should probably be your new favorite liquor when it comes to healthy drinking.

5 Reasons Why Tequila is Your Perfect Healthy Drinking Beverage of Choice

1) Stay High-Energy All Night Long

It doesn’t spike your blood sugar like other alcoholic beverages do, which can help you avoid that buzz-killing crash and burn.

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2) Drink Guilt-Free

It’s much lower in calories compared to vodka, wine, beer, and other types of liquor. Probably a good thing, since you’ll likely be enjoying quite a few cocktails come May 5th! Also, because tequila is derived from the agave plant, it’s got a slight natural sweetness to it, which means you don’t have to add as much sugar-y and carb-loaded drink mixers.

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3) Hangup Those Hangovers

benefits tequilaWhen consumed straight or with a splash of soda water and fresh lime juice, tequila made from blue agave leads to much milder hangovers–if at all. This is thanks to the clear liquor’s low concentration of a fermentation byproduct known as congeners, which–along with dehydration–tend to lead to those awful hangover symptoms.

4) Never Fear, Allergies… Tequila is Here!

Tequila is naturally gluten-free, making it an easy and delicious choice for you if you’re gluten-sensitive, have celiac disease, or simply trying to avoid this unhealthy plant protein.

5) Improving Your Health By Drinking?

It can actually help reduce your risk of certain health conditions. Research shows that moderate consumption of tequila and certain other liquors may cut your risk of developing dementia and diabetes by up to 40%! It’s also been shown to help lower your LDL cholesterol (that’s the bad kind). Of course, “moderation” is key here–so if you plan to imbibe freely on Cinco De Mayo, you can still “cheers” to your health–just don’t plan on drinking that much all the time!

Love tequila? You’re in good company! Please drink responsibly, be safe, and have fun this Cinco De Mayo—Olé!

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