4 Ways to not Make Friends With the Freshman 15

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freshman 15
Summer is winding down, and many college students are beginning to head back to school; some are even “lucky” enough to already be moved back into their dorms and starting classes! One of the biggest challenges college students tend to face—especially freshmen and sophomores still getting into the groove of things—is finding a balance between school obligations, social activities, and fitness. Fortunately, we’ve got some simple yet effective tips for establishing and sticking to a consistent workout routine during the school year and not gaining the dreaded “Freshman 15”.

Say “See Yuh!” to the Freshman 15… Here’s How:

1) Make it a Date!

Treat your workouts like important meetings you’ve scheduled with yourself. Just as you’d write that important assignment due date into your schedule, you ought to do the same with your workouts. At the end of each weekend, take some time to figure out when you’ll be able to workout during the week. Then, write down those commitments in your planner and/or set alarms on your phone, so you don’t forget!

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2) Group Fit Classes Rock

Staying accountable can be difficult while you’re in college, especially when we all have that group of friends who always wants to party or hang out and watch TV while binging on pizza. If this sounds like your crowd, why not consider joining a group fitness class? This is an excellent way to meet like-minded people who are just as serious about their health and fitness as you are. Plus, being signed up for group fitness classes can also help boost your accountability to maintain a consistent workout routine.

3) Use the Buddy System

If group fitness isn’t for you, finding a workout buddy can be just as effective in terms of increasing your accountability. Maybe you have a classmate or friend who you know has wanted to shed some pounds or build muscle… why not make a pact to go to the gym together a few times a week? Not only can this make you less likely to skip your workouts, but having a buddy with you will make working out a whole lot more fun!

4) Rise ‘n Shine!

Okay, we get it. Mornings and college students don’t really mix. But by simply getting up an hour earlier, you’re giving yourself the time you need to get in a great workout before you even start the rest of your day. Not to mention, early morning workouts can help boost your metabolism for the remainder of the day and improve energy levels—which can definitely come in handy when you’ve got an hour lecture class to sit through later on!

The Freshman 15 Isn’t so Fresh…

Establishing and sticking to a consistent workout routine isn’t always easy, especially when you’re in college and have other obligations to worry about. However, by keeping these tips in mind and working them into your daily schedule, you’ll find that maintaining a steady and consistent exercise routine (and keeping the Freshman 15 at an arm’s length) is easier than you initially thought.