Gym Fails: 5 Bad Habits You Need to Stop… Like Now

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Whether you’ve fallen victim to multiple gym fails in your lifetime, or you’ve simply been a captivated witness to someone else’s embarrassing slip-up, it’s hard not to laugh when someone makes a major bonehead move during their workout. While some gym mishaps are more cringeworthy than they are funny, looking like a total noob at the gym can also lead to injury if you don’t learn how to correct your mistakes! It is totally cool for your workouts to be fun but let’s be honest… no one wants to become the laughingstock of the gym. So before you end up the focus of a viral video or worse, on your way to the ER, break the habit and avoid committing one of these common gym fails.

If You’re Doing This In The Gym, You Should Stop Immediately

Refusing a Spotter

While you may think you’re ready to go toe-to-toe with the best and brightest CrossFit stars, the chances are that you still need to work with a spotter while lifting. Nobody wants to be on their own when their muscles just can’t pump any more iron! So stop being a show-off and complete your set with a spotter.

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Listen, you are not at Wimbledon or the US Open. Screaming like a raging bull in front of the mirror is not a good look for anyone, honey! Yes, everyone else at the gym gets it that you’re working hard to lift those weights, but no one needs to hear more than the occasional grunt out of you. Zip it and remember to breathe.

Treadmill Falls

This is one of the most common and honestly, the most hilarious of gym fails that you should try your best to avoid. You’d think that running in place for 20 minutes would be the most fool-proof workout option for any gym goer, right? WRONG! How many times do you have to remind yourself to tie your shoelaces tight before hopping up onto the treadmill? Keep your laces tied tightly and always run in the center of the treadmill to avoid crashing and burning for all eyes to see.

Unloading the Barbell Wrong

Nothing screams, “I have no freaking idea what I’m doing here!” better than unloading the barbell wrong. Make sure you always unload the barbell as evenly as possible to avoid doing some serious damage to your face. If you’re an uneven unloader the barbell may tip and end up smacking you right in the chin!

Lifting Too Heavy

Once again, everyone else at the gym can see from your bulging biceps that you really love to lift. Yet, no one cares enough to ooh and ahh at the fact that you’re adding more unnecessary and dangerous weight to the barbell. Save some face and prevent a trip to the hospital by only working with the amount of weight you can handle. If you feel the need to challenge yourself, slowly add more weight over time.


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