Low-Calorie Alcoholic Drink Recipe: For When Giving Up Alcohol Is Just Not an Option

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low-calorie alcoholic drink
So, you want to lose weight—and you know that alcohol contains a ton of empty calories. At the same time, you aren’t ready to give up drinking entirely. After all, don’t you deserve a drink or two after a long and stressful week? We think so! The good news is that there are plenty of low-calorie alcohol drink options that allow you to indulge without undoing your entire week of workouts in the process.

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Go Ahead, Have a Drink (a Yummy Low-Calorie Alcoholic Drink, That is):

Low-Calorie (and Still Tasty) Beer Options:

We get it. Low-calorie beers are pretty notorious for tasting watered down and…well, not that great. But we swear by these light beers that are 100 calories or less:

  • Budweiser Select
  • Miller 64
  • Corona Light
  • Amstel Light

By substituting one of these low-calorie beers for your go-to beer, you could save as much as 150 calories per bottle! That’s like, 15 minutes on the treadmill.

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Wine Hacks That Rock

[emaillocker id=5309] Wine, by its very nature, isn’t a low-calorie beverage. But that doesn’t mean you can’t get a little creative and turn it into your favorite low-calorie alcoholic drink! We’ve got some pro tips for making your glass of wine go as far as possible:

  • Start with your favorite wine. Instead of pouring a full serving (which is about 5 ounces), pour yourself a half serving.
  • Then, top it off with a zero-calorie carbonated beverage, such as a diet lemon-lime soda or even just a splash of sparkling water.
  • If you want to get really fancy, add some fresh strawberries or berries for a kick of flavor.
  • Top the rest of your wine glass with ice and you’ll have a delicious, large alcoholic drink that only has the calories of half a glass of wine.
  • Give this wine spritzer hack a try the next time you’re craving a glass of wine; you’ll thank us.

Low-Calorie Cocktail Recipes

Finally, for those nights when you’re in the mood for a stiff liquor drink, it’s always good to have some low-calorie cocktail ideas in your back pocket. First of all, you can never go wrong with a shot of your favorite liquor and diet soda.

But if you’re looking to put your mixology skills to use, try this option for a low-cal Cosmopolitan:
Rather than combining your vodka and Cointreau with sugary cranberry juices, stick to flavored vodkas (the lower the proof, the lower the calorie count):

  • Add a combination of lime juice and lemon juice
  • Grab a splash of club soda or sparkling water for carbonation.

You’ll still get that fruity taste, but with far fewer calories!

See? Losing weight doesn’t have to mean giving up alcohol altogether. By making smarter decisions when it comes to your drinks (and of course, by limiting your drinking to special occasions or weekends), you can have your booze and drink it, too! Be sure to keep these low-calorie alcoholic drink ideas in mind the next time you’re in the mood for a drink.

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