Sure, classes can be tough, early mornings tougher. But reconnecting with your friends, getting back into a routine, and learning about things that interest you are plenty of reasons why heading back to school in the fall is so rewarding and, well, fun! But if you want to avoid having a little too much fun, test out some of these tips that can keep your fitness and nutrition goals in check when the new semester starts.

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4 Tips for Passing the Grade with Your Nutrition & Fitness Goals This Semester

1. Be prepared

Avoid the temptation of convenient but unhealthy food. Learn to cook a few staple meals and buy and cook in bulk, so you’ll always have something healthy to eat when you’re in a rush. If you live in a dorm, stock your living space with healthy non-perishable snacks and remember to bring them with you when you’re headed out to class.

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2. Plan your treats.

Everything in moderation, even the “bad” food.
But how?

Instead of having little bits here and there, aim to have your “treat meals” all within one 24 to 36 hour period. It’ll be easier to stay strict during the week knowing that you have a eat-like-a-champion day coming up this Saturday.

If you have good self-discipline, you could also go for the 90/10 principle on a daily basis. That is: 90% of what you eat should support a clean, lean, and health body. Up to 10% of what you eat can be the less-than-ideal stuff that simply just tastes yummy and may be worth it to you because it brings you joy.

3. Strategically plot your training days.

Take a look at your week and course load. Pick your 3-4 days of the week that have the lightest schedule (for both class and work) and commit to working out on at least those days. Literally, write in the time you’ll be headed to the gym on your calendar or in your planner. Treat it like you would a class (and you would never skip a class, right?). If you’re feeling great, energized, and focused, feel free to workout on your busier days too.

4. Expand your social itinerary.

Find things to do with your friends that don’t involve meals out, parties, and late night pizza runs. This could include game board nights, club sports, group walks, or even free shows and events on campus. This way, you’ll still get to see your buddies, but you won’t be inundated with tons of ways to fall off the healthy wagon.

Pass the grade this fall by adopting a few simple strategies to stay on the “healthy you” wagon. Let us know if you have any special tips of your own by sharing in the comments below.