Whether you like it or not, mobility counts. Being flexible as well as strong helps maximize your performance, physical gains, and injury prevention.

But let’s face it, working on your mobility can be a little boring.

Fortunately, using tools such as exercise bands, including the GoFit Super Bands and Exercise Round Resistance Bands, might just make your post-workout mobility sessions not only more interesting but more effective, as well.

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Here are 3 Stretches We Love the Most:

1) Ankle Dorsiflexion

You need dorsiflexion (bringing the top of your foot closer to your shin) in order to squat, jump safely, and do other types of plyometrics. This stretch helps maximize the joint movement (also known as arthrokinematics) so your ankles are ready to hit the gym hard.

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2. Hip Flexion

Our hip flexors get super tight thanks to all the sitting we have to do on a day-to-day basis. By stretching our hip flexors we can reduce our risk of back pain and improve our ability to squat.

3. Shoulder Internal Rotation

Beyond tightening up our hips, excessive chair time can also facilitate forward hunched over posture and rounded shoulders. But by stretching out our internal shoulder rotators, we can help avoid injuries within our rotator cuff and glenohumeral joint, leaving us with healthy shoulders for doing pull-ups, picking up our kids, and doing yard work around the house.

A few pro-tips: It’s generally best to do your mobility stretches at the end of your workout. For one thing, the connective tissue you’ll be stretching—whether tendon, muscle, fascia or joint capsule—will be warmer and more pliable, thereby reducing your chance of injury and maximizing the ability of the tissue to stretch and improve its resting length. Additionally, stretching after a workout helps to ensure that your muscles and joints will remain as stable as possible during your session, further reducing your risk of injury.

Have some favorite band-assisted stretches of your own? Let us know about it in the comments below!