Creating GymIt’s very first Semi-Private Training Program was a labor of love. Every time I think about it, I can’t help but say “This is going to change the game.” I fully believe in the service being provided and am confident in how effectively we have minimized the major negatives often associated with personal training. After collecting feedback from all of our members, we found there to be three major roadblocks associated with traditional personal training.

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Here’s What We Did to Eliminate Those 3 Roadblocks:

1) Personal Training not in the budget? We’ve nearly cut the price in half.

The first roadblock in preventing people from signing up for personal training is the cost. To be able to truly see the benefits of personal training, a client must spend a significant amount of time with a trainer, typically two hours a week. Keeping our new program low-cost was the top priority in the development of this program. With semi-private training, clients will spend 40-50% less than typical personal training sessions, and they will still get one-on-one attention, a private area to workout in, tailored workouts, and constant support and advice from top trainers in the industry.

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2) Is it difficult to schedule a session with your trainer during peak hours? Not anymore.

One of the hidden “downsides” of working with a trainer can be scheduling. As trainers, we do our absolute best to accommodate the desired scheduling of our clients. However, the majority of people train immediately after their workday. During the 5 PM – 8 PM window trainers are at their busiest and are often unable to schedule all of their clients for their preferred times. Our clients are busy, and they deserve to be as efficient with their time as possible.

With SPT’s format, we have eliminated this issue entirely. Client’s pick the hour block that is most convenient for THEM, for days of the week that work for THEM. Multiple people can request the same time, and they will still get an excellent training experience. It’s the best thing for the client, AND the best thing for the trainer, as this allows the trainers to efficiently cater to all of their clients.

3) Looking for the individualized workouts, but group fitness isn’t cutting it? We got this.

The reason personal training is effective is that you are given a written plan to follow. Without a well-written workout plan, there is no program, no routine, and almost never any substantial or lasting results. It blows my mind how many people come to the gym with almost no plan in mind. They’re all putting in the work, but they’re not working efficiently… they’re not working towards anything. If we are going to commit to spending a few hours a week at the gym, we should make those hours meaningful! We should be able to look back and see measurable improvement from when we started.

No member of semi-private training will feel directionless in the gym. Whether you are an experienced gym goer or a first-timer, we will provide you with an individualized program with weekly updates. These programs will be built around YOUR goals, YOUR injury history, and YOUR experience.

This kind of training allows people to become autonomous in the gym. The benefits of a well-constructed program become clear through continued and maintained results. This is a game changer because of the reasonable price, the flexible scheduling, and dedication to results – I can honestly say that almost anyone is capable of taking their fitness to the next level through this program.

Come check us out! If you are interested in learning more about SPT or would like to stop by while it is running to see what it’s like in action, please reach out to me at any time via email: [email protected]

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