Here’s a quick Marketing 101 hack that the makers of “skinny tea” seem to understand: If you want to sell something, hand the product to a young, attractive, thin model, take her picture, and post it on the internet. To be clear, we’ve got nothing against young, attractive, thin models. But we do have a serious problem with snake oil salesmen selling a product that is at best useless, and at worst is potentially dangerous to your health.


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What is Skinny Tea?

If you’re not sure what skinny teas even are, don’t worry: you haven’t missed much. Skinny teas, which come in a variety of brands and made by a variety of companies (and peddled to the social media followers of many celebrities) are purported to be a weight loss product. Manufacturers claim that drinking their product can help a person lose weight, “detoxify” the body, boost metabolism, suppress appetite, and increase energy.

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3 Reasons Why You Should Avoid Skinny Tea

1) It’s Hard on Your Body

Many skinny teas, and “tea detox” products contain laxatives. Laxatives (even “natural” ones like senna), can cause serious harm to your body if used for longer than 1-2 weeks, or if taken in large doses.

2) There is no Proof!

There’s no scientific evidence supporting the claim that laxatives can actually help you lose weight. Instead, laxatives cause you to lose water weight (not body fat)—which is something you’ll gain right back the minute you stop taking the product.

3) It’s pricey!

Average costs for a 14- to 28-day supply range from $15 to $50+. Since the validity of this product is highly questionable, we believe you’re much better off putting that money toward something that you know is actually going to help you (or at least not hurt you) on your weight loss journey.

Bottom line: Skinny teas are unnecessary, ineffective, and potentially harmful. Stick with regular teas and some good old-fashioned exercise and nutrition to get the body and health you want.

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