Summer break is the perfect time to find your fit so when you step back on campus in the fall you’ll be ready to tackle whatever college throws your way. Regular exercise can boost your immune system, brain function and ability to deal with the stresses you might feel at school.

Often times, people think you have to know what you’re doing before stepping foot into a gym. But, like with most everything during your college years, there is a learning curve. Think about fitness the way you would any course of study. Start out with the basics, ask questions and practice. Experiment with what GymIt offers. Figure out what you like so you can establish workout patterns that you can carry into the academic year.

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Craft Your Own Fitness 101 During Summer Break



Maybe you’ve seen inspiring workout routines online or there’s a class or piece of equipment at the gym that peaks your interest. Approach new things at the gym like you might approach any new subject. Try it out before you judge and think about how it connects to the rest of your life. Seek to understand the “why” behind a workout. If a movement is meaningful to you and the life you want to lead, you’ll be more apt to stick with it. Don’t beat yourself up if it’s not your thing. There are endless exercises out there. Do your research and find what you like!

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Consider how your workouts fit into the big picture. Your exercise quest this summer is part of your fit-life curriculum, so to speak. This summer you can set goals that you can reach over time. You might opt for a “destination” goal – like running a 5K in August, or being able to do 50 push-ups by the time fall rolls around. Think about how that goals will feed into future goals and lifestyle.

If you feel lost, a trainer can help you identify your strengths and then help you craft a plan of action that you can carry with you to campus.

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Once you’ve nailed down a few activities or workout styles you like, commit to a schedule and show up! Consistency with workouts pays off, like good study habits do, when it comes to fitness Be your own professor and create your own assignments that focus on cardio, strength and flexibility. You don’t have to heavily hit each one of those components of fitness each day. But, planning out how you will hit them during the week can keep you on course and provide the variety you need to keep you interested.


Whether it’s on paper or on an app, record your workouts to keep yourself accountable. There is something very satisfying about checking off a good workout from your daily to-do list, or to see your exercise sessions accumulate throughout the month. A record of what you did do is much more motivating than reminders of what you didn’t do!


Exercising with others boosts the likelihood that you’ll stick to a plan just like a study buddy can keep you on track. GymIt makes it easy to bring a guest with you. It’s also simple to partake in a group exercise class. The fact is that exercising with others can help you stay motivated so you can graduate out of the newbie stage and live a wise, healthy life.

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