Gone are the days of the stereotypical “dumb jock.” Enter the academic athletes whose feet are as quick as their minds, whose physical endurance matches their ability to focus. Summer is a good time to challenge your body and brain and establish a productive and interesting fitness routine so you can carry good exercise habits and better health into the academic year when fall rolls around.

Just think. It only takes 21 days to establish a new habit. You’ve got the time to try different activities and dig into something great this summer. The college experience is all about learning, growth and discovering new things. Apply that attitude to finding your fit. Explore for a few weeks and discover what you like. Then, shape a smart plan that will keep you moving this summer and beyond!

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Here Are Some (Budget-Friendly) Activities to Try


Kayaking, Canoeing, Paddle Board.

You don’t have to buy a boat (especially here in Boston) to see if you like to float. Many places rent small watercraft out by the hour. Go with a buddy to make it even more cost-effective (and fun)!

Frisbee Golf.

Disc golf is a newish twist on an old tradition. Most disc golf courses around Boston and elsewhere in the nation are free, making the sport a budget-friendly choice for college students. Disc golf courses feature mapped out courses with pads and buckets.

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Walking on trails builds serious leg strength, better balance and enhances cardiovascular fitness. (If you’re in Boston for the summer, there are loads of trails to explore.)

fitnessTrail Running.

Start running on the trails this summer, and it’s pretty much guaranteed you will ZOOM your way to PRs in the fall at road races when the temperature cools, and you take on smooth roadways.

Mountain Biking or Road Bike Tours.

Road/trail conditions are clear for biking in the summer. Find out if you like it, then do sports-specific training indoors during the winter so you can hit the roads and trails even stronger next summer break!

Open Water Swimming.

Summer is the perfect time to do your research and find out where you can learn or practice open water swimming. Swimming in lakes or the ocean is a completely different experience than swimming in a pool.

Lastly, Take Advantage of the GYM!

Gyms can be quiet places in the dog days of summer. With a more flexible schedule during your time away from studies, it will be easier to find time to meet with GymIt fitness pros to refine goals and develop a plan of action – so that when you hit the books again, you have a go-to fitness schedule and established healthy habits!