Let’s talk turkey…and pie and potatoes.

Having a Food Baby on Thanksgiving Day Won’t Make You Fat

One day of eating an extra bit of turkey, tofurkey, turkey jerky or whatever will not make you fat. If you crave your Aunt’s famous pumpkin roll, cut a slice. The fact is, unless you have a serious food allergy or illness, one day of holiday merriment and enjoying your food without worrying will not make or break your fitness plan.

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The American Council on Exercise Says

it’s important to understand that healthy habits need to be doable for lifetime. Thus, weight maintenance and wellness might include a plan that allows for you to occasionally go overboard without freaking out.

Consider the idea that getting together with your friends and family and relaxing around food instead of fighting with it (and them) might give you the mental edge, social support and confidence you need to get on your rower or go out running the next day to continue your well-fueled fitness journey.


Generally a good approach when it comes to fitness and wellness. But like the wise Benjamin Franklin said,

“Moderation in all things, including moderation.”

There are times when it’s OK to be in the moment and have pleasure without guilt.

mashed potatoes

If you get up from the table with a “food baby” on turkey day (you know, a belly bump full of ‘taters that strain evens the stretchiest of yoga pants) don’t panic! You might have consumed enough calories to fuel a stage of the Tour de France, but you’re not doomed to crash, fall or fail. Pull up your waistband. Adjust your posture. Gain your balance. Enjoy the pack of people who are on this ride with you. Get ready for more hills and move on down the road.

Thanksgiving is a time for gratefulness and dark meat, not dark thoughts. Give that food baby a gentle pat. And maybe take it on a little walk later. It will love the fresh air. (Also, it’s perfectly OK to fiercely fight your sibs for dibs on that last piece of grandma’s coconut cream pie.)

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