Did you realize there’s a “map” on your face?
Face mapping is an ancient Chinese therapy that studies the skin on your face to understand hidden issues related to organs, nervous system, metabolic system, immunity, nutrition, and more.

Pimples, in particular, are a frustrating issue that can affect teens and adults alike. Of course, many different factors determine why and where you may be getting acne outbreaks, but understanding this type of “mapping” may help you gain some valuable insight into your overall health.
Check out this following guide that may help you detect what’s going in your body based on what’s showing up on your face.

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What Your Acne Is Telling You About Your Health

On Your Chin and Jawline

Changes with hormones may be a common reason for pimples here, especially before, during, and after a woman’s period. Also common for women going through menopause. Wash your face, use noncomedogenic products that won’t clog pores, and drink antioxidant-rich green tea during the most acne-prone times of your cycle.

On Your Forehead and Along Your Hairline

Are you over-washing your hair? Your scalp may overproduce oils to compensate which could be leading to pimple outbreaks up here. Consider washing less often and make sure the hair products you use are friendly for your skin type.

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On Your Cheeks and in Front of Your Ears

Pimples may pop up here if you frequently have your phone against your ear. Be sure to practice awesome hand hygiene, change your pillowcases frequently, and use a tech-safe antibacterial wipe for your cell.

On Your T-Zone

The space along your nose and between your brows is like your body’s barometer; pimples can easily pop up here if you’re under a lot of stress and anxiety. Manage your stress with meditation and exercise.

Around and In Your Eyebrows

These may be ingrown hairs rather than pimples. Try plucking your eyebrows after a warm shower (your skin will be clean and your pores will be open), and remember to sanitize your tweezers in between uses.

On Your Collarbone, Chest, and Back

Acne here is often caused by sweat trapped against your skin by your clothing. Be sure to shower and change soon as soon as possible after your gym sessions.

Around Your Mouth

If you’re eating inflammatory foods like sugar and alcohol, expect to see some zits here. Repeat the phrase “I am what I eat” and commit to getting the bulk of your calories from skin-and-body-friendly foods like chicken, fish, veggies, fruit, and healthy fats like coconut oil and macadamia nuts.

On Your Temples

Acne here is often as a result of dehydration. Use a gentle exfoliator once a week or so and keep a water bottle with you at all times!
The key takeaways here is to realize that while not all pimples are preventable, many are with a few simple lifestyle changes. Regardless of how frequently your blemishes come and go, they shouldn’t be a source of excessive embarrassment. Sure, you don’t have to love them, but just don’t beat yourself up too much about ’em, either—just about everyone gets them from time to time!

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