Trying to figure out a way to cut some calories out of your diet without cutting out your favorite meals? Well, today is your lucky day! You would be surprised how quickly calories can add up! By choosing to swap out certain foods, you can save yourself hundreds of calories a day.

Here are some ways to adjust your diet to meet your goals as well as keep you satisfied!

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Choose the following:

  • Avocado instead of Mayo – Avocados have the same creamy texture as mayo and is considered a heart-healthy monounsaturated fats instead of trans fats, which are typically in mayo.
  • Burrito Bowl instead of a Burrito – You won’t even notice the difference! Jazz up your burrito bowl the same way you would if you were to order it in a tortilla wrap. You can save yourself over 150 calories and 25-60g of carbs with just this simple switch.
  • Fresh Cut Vegetables instead of Crackers, Chips, Pretzels – When eating your favorite dip, choose peppers, carrots and celery as your dippable option. This will save you hundreds of calories and provide you with a bunch of micronutrients! Choosing veggies will leave you feeling fuller and guilt free!
  • Plain Non-Fat Greek Yogurt instead of Sour Cream – You won’t even know the difference! Once you mix the non-fat Greek yogurt with your meal it will taste the same and provide the same texture as sour cream.
  • Canned Diced Tomatoes instead of Jarred Sauce – Save yourself the added sugar and sodium by sautéing diced tomatoes as your sauce of choice over any type of jar sauce.
  • Dark Chocolate instead of Milk Chocolate – One word, Antioxidants! Antioxidants are known for preventing cell damage. Dark chocolate will kick your craving and will help your immune system… Name a better combo!
  • Plain Popcorn instead of Chips – You can eat double the popcorn compared to your 1 handful of chips! Choosing to eat 1 serving of popcorn (15 cals.) vs. 1 serving of chips (150 cals.) will leave you with a happy stomach J
  • Unsweetened Almond Milk instead of Creamer – Unsweetened almond milk has very little fat compared to creamer. If you drink multiple cups of coffee today, you could be increasing your fat consumption by 10-20g in the blink of an eye.
  • Wine Spritzers instead of Wine or Cocktails – Cut your drink calories in half! When making a wine spritzer, you use sparkling water (zero calories) and your alcohol of choice. An added bonus is some hydration while drinking!