Now that the holidays have come and gone, it is time to really buckle down on your health and fitness goals for 2020. The holidays can leave you exhausted and out of your typical day to day routine. That stops now! Here are a few ways to get back into the swing of things:

Set up a plan

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Do you like to workout first thing in the morning, or is an after-work workout more your thing? Either way, pick a time, put it in your planner and stick to it. At the end of each day, you will go to bed satisfied at you followed the plan.

Plan Ahead

Save yourself a headache and don’t rush around! Lay out your workout clothes, pack your gym bag, and prep your meals. This way, everything is organized and ready to go in the morning. This will save you at least a half hour in the am.

Set your Alarms

Always make sure your alarm is set. Set your alarm to the same time Monday – Friday. This will eventually help your “internal clock” go off. It may take your body a couple of weeks to get used to, but it will get there!


Sleep needs to be a top priority. Sleep helps your body function at its best and allows your body to heal/repair itself. Lack of sleep can leave you feeling lazy, unorganized and provide your body improper hunger cues.


Consistency is KEY! Believe it or not, our bodies love routine. Mental and physical changes begin to develop after repeating the same habits on a daily basis. Your body begins to go through homeostasis and allows everything to flow as it should!

New Gear

Who doesn’t love some new kicks and workout apparel? Grab yourself some new swag to show off in the gym! It will boost your overall morale and give you a little extra motivation to get yourself to the gym.


Everyone starts somewhere. Don’t feel intimidated when starting a new fitness journey, whether it be nutrition or workout plan. Many people are in the same boat as you!