It’s a pity that getting a massage is often considered “just” a luxury. The ancient art of massage therapy offers a huge number of healing benefits, and these benefits are only intensified when done regularly. That said, we know how expensive regular massages can get (and how much of a time commitment they can be).
Since we’re huge believers in convenience as well as effectiveness, we’re proud to now offer hydromassage at our facility. Hydrotherapy massage (as its also known) is a relatively new type of holistic healing. Our hydromassage bed utilizes pressurized water, fully customizable to your preferences, to deliver a full-body massage.
Why do we love it? We’ll tell you. And trust us:
This ain’t your great-uncle’s water bed.


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5 Benefits of Hydrotherapy Massage

1) Relieve and loosen knots and spasms.

Our hydromassage bed has enough pressure to get into your deeper tissues without causing discomfort or pain. Plus, you can adjust the amount and direction of pressure with each session, so it’ll always meet your needs of the day.

2) Relieve stress.

When we’re stressed, we tend to hold a lot of tension in our muscles and other connective tissues. Relaxing the body can literally help relax the mind, too (and vice versa).

hydromassage therapy

3) Stimulate the release of toxins through your pores.

Pressure from a skilled therapist’s hands and a hydromassage bed helps stimulate the lymphatic system and promote the release of toxins and by-products of cellular metabolism. Great for your skin, immune system, and overall health.

4) Relax sore muscles and aid in recovery.

The pressurized streams of water can gently massage muscle fibers and help promote increased circulation of nutrient- and oxygen-rich blood. This feels great right after a workout may help you avoid that delayed onset muscle soreness that can make it tough to walk down the stairs the next day.

5) Get a great massage even when you’re pressed for time.

Even just 15 minutes in a hydromassage bed can provide you with the healthy benefits of a 60+ session with a therapist. And while long sessions are amazing, sometimes you may not be able to spare that kind of money or time (especially when you add on the 10-15 minutes before and after a massage for undressing and dressing). Hydromassage beds stay completely dry, so you can stay fully clothed and comfortable.
Cost-effective and effective for your health? Yes, please.

Wondering how hydromassage can help you? Contact us today to schedule an initial appointment. Our experienced technicians will help you get set up and get relaxing!

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